New League Software Consulting Services and Training

About New League Software

What Can New League Software Do For You?

New League Software serves North American manufacturers and distributors that need a tailored solution to their enterprise resource planning. New League Software:

  • Helps companies evaluate SYSPRO ERP software as the answer to their planning and management needs for accounting, manufacturing and distribution operations.
  • Facilitates the purchase of SYSPRO ERP software and installation
  • Tailors SYSPRO ERP software to meet customized needs
  • Provides training, ongoing maintenance and system upgrades.
New League Software also is a trusted partner to other SYSPRO Value Added Resellers needing technical expertise for their clients’ ERP system customization, implementation and training. If you are a reseller, let’s work together.

Meet Kevin Crockett, Owner
New League Software

As software consultants go, Kevin Crockett is in a league of his own. His mission: “Finding the unconventional approach to the insoluble problem.” For over 20 years he has assisted companies with all aspects of SYSPRO ERP software implementation.

During those years Kevin’s skills in identifying issues, finding elegant solutions, undertaking technical installation, designing custom extensions, managing the project, and providing training have been honed to an expert level.

Kevin Crockett

Kevin Crockett – SYSPRO Certified

SysPro Certified

People are Talking

“I’m continually amazed at Kevin’s ingenuity and ability to create custom programs to ensure the success of his clients.”  Rhona McNamee, GK Machine

“His [Kevin’s] ability and his relentless follow through is something that is rarely seen.” Jeremy Mayfield, formerly of Dynojet Research

“Kevin’s a self-starter, intrigued with the complexity of IT, and motivated with solving unique client problems.” Grahame Martin, Bennett/Porter & Associates

Training Support

New League Software provides training for system administrators and end-users in the day-to-day operation of SYSPRO enterprise resource planning systems. For more information on classes or for training-on-demand, email us or call +1.503.709.4410.